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(One mailing for the “eBook” and the other for the “webinar” registration)
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** The full launch calendar is above **
Webinar topic you'll be promoting

The 3 Step Proven Formula to Bounce Back...Instantly
(and Higher than Ever), When Life Knocks You Down

If you want to see a replay of the webinar. You can view it here at:

We are still testing other shorter versions too, (and different price points) to ensure the highest conversion rates.

Products being promoted via the webinar
Products being promited

If you want to get more details about the product itself, you can simply go to this link:

We have collaborated with several industry leaders; including Centerpointe (Holosync Technology), Mark Romero, and Enriching Visions Technology, to create the most phenomenal product possible. This is a product that people are loving and getting incredible results with.

There is no other product like this anywhere out there.

You will receive 50% commission on all sales that you refer.

Plus, we will also be adding an upsell product too, so that will translate into even more commissions for you!

What people are saying aboyt the webinar

"Hi Sonia!!!!! This was totally incredible. I already have Ur book and listened to Ur teleseminars season 2, but this was AWESOME. Good clear and concise content. HOPEFUL LOVING JOYFUL vibrations all the way through. Yayyy Sonia :)). Thank U!!" - Karin

"Sonia the webinar was fantastic! The tools you gave us are remarkable. I took a lot of notes and am thankful for your generosity with your program. The addition of life stories and examples are so valuable and made all of the information so clear. Thank you, thank you, Thank you." - Elena

"Excellent webinar, Sonia! The time just flew by..I really enjoyed it. The most important thing I learned from you is: Just Be. Thanks again." - Jo-Ann

"Thank you, Sonia! Excellent Webinar with Transformational info! Your presentation was clear, concise, and Truly from your heart! Thank you, once again, for helping enhance the lives of those you have touched! Blessings!" – Rhonda

“Sonia, I just want to thank you for your Unsinkable webinar! It was BY FAR the best webinar I have ever seen (and I’ve seen lots of webinars).” – George

What people are sying about the unsinkable bounce back system

“The Unsinkable Bounce Back Program took me from crisis to calm in 7 days!...Thank you a thousand times Sonia!” – Sheila

“Hi Sonia, I received my second miracle. This is a course of miracles. It is what I ask and I receive it. I had a big problem with my house that I couldn't fix it without investing a lot of money but it is gone by magic. How cool is that. Thank you so much for your course. My money was well invested. And when I have a problem I tried to send love to receive a miraculous solution, and it works.” – Lucies

“Hi, my miracle is that a deep and long held resentment I had for someone has disappeared! Even when I 'allow' myself to indulge in ungracious thoughts I can't do it anymore. I am aware instead of a surge of compassion towards that person and I am asking for forgiveness for my previously nasty thoughts. This after only 10 days is quite a transformation. I find too that I can't go to sleep without listening to your meditations. Mark's music is gorgeous and uplifting. Thank you so so much for creating this wonderful program, which has already brought me so much peace and positivity.” – Ruth

“I just want to say that I can feel my energy shifting. I have gone from almost feeling hopeless resignation and anxiety to believing in myself with a sense of excitement for what my future holds!” – Barbara

“I'm on the second day of the program, the AM & PM are really wonderful and I have felt a shift in my vibration already, just feel excited and have this buzzy feel! Thank you for this Sonia, you really got me when I heard your webinar and I felt I had to go for it!” – Joanna

“Had my miracle happen yesterday, an ultra sound scan revealed after suffering with a painful 7cm ovarian cyst for months and months, it has disappeared completely! Started the bounce back system a week ago today and I feel very different already, this news for me yesterday was just fantastic! Thank you Sonia for your no nonsense guidance. I'm carrying on with this for sure... And the negative husband is a little better too, bonus!” – Joanna

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